Product Review: Colleen Rothschild’s Mandelic Acid Radiance Serum

CR-_Mandelic_Bundle_New_Blue_grandeMy somewhat sensitive skin has found its savior. Her name is Colleen Rothschild. I am absolutely OBSESSED with her products. Especially her latest – the Mandelic Acid Radiance Serum, which I swear has made me look years younger in just a few weeks.

I have very fair skin and I freckle easily. Yes, freckles are cute, but when you get older and they turn into plain old dark spots…not so cute. I’ve written extensively about how I don’t go out of the house without sunscreen on, but I’ve still managed to get a few dark spots. Especially on my hands!

I’ve been using the Mandelic Acid Radiance Serum twice a day on my face and on my hands, and I have to tell you, the results are astonishing. Not only have my dark spots faded significantly, but my pores actually seem smaller and tighter. Every morning when I look in the mirror, my skin just looks healthy and vibrant. And the dark spots on my hands have practically disappeared! (Which makes me very happy, as I’m constantly posting manicure photos on Instagram and have been very self-conscious about how old my hands look!)

This serum is a wonder product that not only helps to fade dark spots, but it exfoliates your skin without any type of harsh scrubbing. It goes on like a layer of silk. And don’t even get me started on the smell! All of Colleen’s product are formulated with a scent that makes you swear you’re in a five-star resort spa.

The Mandelic Acid Radiance Serum is packed with three types of potent acids:

  1. Mandelic Acid –  to refine & resurface the top layer of skin
  2. Lactic Acid – to improve overall tone & texture of the skin
  3. Salicylic Acid – to heal acne scars, fade fine lines & dark spots, and promote overall clearer skin

Bottom line. If you’re looking for a new “wonder” serum to add to your morning and evening skincare regimen, this is the one. And I would highly recommend using it on your hands as well. Especially if you want to post pretty manicure photos on Instagram. You may even find yourself posting #nofilter selfies too!

Try Mandelic Acid Radiance Serum for yourself!


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