The Ultimate Vintage Belt Shop



I am a huge fan of Patricia Field, the costume designer behind Sex & the City and The Devil Wears Prada. She’s created some of the most memorable looks in fashion film history. I’ve probably seen both of these movies over fifty times. Each. And I’ve noticed a common trend in both…the prevalence of the belt.


After looking at all the images above, can you now imagine what each outfit would look like without the belt? That’s the power of a statement accessory. Which brings me to my latest obsession. Vintage belts. Through the wonder of social media, I was able to quite randomly connect with the amazing woman behind WhatTheBelt. It’s an Etsy store full of some of the most unique vintage belts you’ll ever find.

I became acquainted with Stacey, the store owner, on Instagram after she read my article about why I quit Poshmark. She messaged me and we soon realized we had a LOT in common. She previously lived in New York, loves disco music, and is an avid vintage and thrift shopper. And whereas I lost my patience for the Poshmark platform, Stacey is killing it! Check out her closet here.

When she mentioned her Etsy store specifically devoted to vintage belts, I took a look. And according to the manfriend, there was an audible squeal. Just look at some of the amazing belts available in her shop:


As a matter of fact, prior to my knowledge of this particular store, I had been looking all over for a specific style of wide embellished black belt. Guess where I finally found it? 5Trust me when I tell you to bookmark her page. Chances are, anytime you’re looking for that perfect unique belt, you will find it here.

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