My Favorite Fragrances From the 80s

Thanks to the CNN series The Eighties, I have been nostalgic for the decade in which I came of age.  The decade of big hair, shoulder pads and neon everything. The decade all my friends and I strived to look like either Madonna or Molly Ringwald.

Thankfully, most of the horrid fashion trends of the 80’s have yet to come back around. However, the eighties is also the decade that introduced us to some of the most popular fragrances of all time. Scents that have stood the test of time and became instant classics.

Here are four of the most popular scents from the Big 80’s that I still wear today:


CalvinKleinObsessionForWomen#1. Calvin Klein Obsession

I can still remember the first time I smelled Obsession. It was in a fold-out scent card in one of the fall fashion magazines. I was instantly obsessed. (See what I did there?)

I immediately went to the mall with my sister to buy a bottle, but they didn’t even have it in stock yet. So I bought a stack of magazines and pulled out all the Obsession scent cards. I rubbed those cards on my wrists and clothes for weeks until I could get my hands on a bottle. And I’ve been wearing it ever since.


CalvinKleinEternityForWomen#2. Calvin Klein Eternity

After the mega success of Obsession, Calvin Klein followed up with Eternity in 1988. Both are very strong scents, with Obsession being more exotic and Eternity being very floral.

To this very day, I wear Obsession when I want to fell sexy and Eternity when I want to feel beautiful and feminine. (And as a side note, Eternity is one of my favorite scents of all time for men, along with Aqua di Gio and Ed Hardy Love & Luck.)HorizontalSpacerInsert

ChristianDiorPoison#3. Christian Dior Poison

My dad absolutely hated this fragrance. He was stuck in a house with three women who loved to wear it, so he used to refer to it as “rat poison.” Every time I wear it today, I laugh when I think about him. That’s the thing about signature scents, or scents in general. They take you back to another place and time. They help you relive good memories. Luckily for me, the manfriend does not share my father’s feelings about Poision, and he makes sure I have a bottle in my stocking every Christmas. He’s a good manfriend. And a good Santa.


GiorgioBeverlyHills#4. Giorgio of Beverly Hills

Giorgio makes me think of Suzie Blackburn. She was a majorette with me at Emma Sansom High School in Gadsden, Alabama. Giorgio was her signature scent. Suzie was a force to be reckoned with. Once during band practice, majorettes from our rival high school showed up to pick a fight. Suzie and my other friend Tiffany, two of the most beautiful girls in school, started to climb the fence to go after these girls, who immediately ran away in fear. Suzie didn’t play. Now, whenever I feel the need to unleash my inner Suzie Blackburn, I wear Giorgio.


I do have other, more modern favorite scents in my perfume collection. Some of favorites these days include Gucci Rush, Estee Lauder’s Pleasures and Rapture by Victoria’s Secret. But these four classics from the Big 80’s take me back to a much simpler time in my life. A time when Mom and Dad paid for everything (including said fragrances!)

My dad passed away in 1998 and my mom left us in 2016. To say that I’m nostalgic for those eighties days is an understatement. That’s why I’m so thankful for the power of scent. It allows me to carry those wonderful memories with me on a daily basis.



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Product Review | Buxom Full-On Lip Stick

Screenshot 2016-02-18 11.24.13

A while back, I wrote a post about how having very big lips like mine (they’re natural, by the way) can sometimes be a challenge when it comes to certain shades of lipstick. I tend to stick mostly to nudes, browns and corals.

I received this Buxom lipstick in my Sephora VIB free gift “perk” pack and I am officially in love.

This pink taupe color is the absolute perfect shade for my fair skin tone. Glides on like butter, has a minty feel and best of all, this shade is called “Sydney.”

It’s almost like they created it just for me.



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Product Review: Exuviance Bionic Oxygen Facial

One of the perks of having a fashion and beauty blog is that I get sent a lot of beauty products to test out and review.

Last week, I received a nice little care package from Harper’s Bazaar containing a full-size version of Exuviance Bionic Oxygen Facial. Thank god it was full-size, since I’ve been using it every single day since I tried it. (According to the directions, you’re supposed to use it 3 to 4 times a week, but I don’t care. I’m obsessed.)

Yes, I love it. But I must say, it took me a little while to get used to it. It tickles. Seriously tickles. Like when you’re getting a pedicure and the technician is scrubbing the bottom of your feet with that brush and you’re holding on to the sides of the pedi-chair with a death grip tickles.

There’s a lot oxygenating happening on your face, and you have to leave it on for five minutes. But trust me when I say, it’s totally worth it. When you rinse it off, you’ll feel like you’ve birthed new skin.

My face was noticeably brighter after the first use and felt perfectly toned and balanced. My skin tends to feel a bit dry and taut after cleansing, but not with Exuviance. I actually kept checking myself in the mirror throughout the day because I couldn’t get over how healthy my skin looked.

Exuviance’s magical formula is a combination of molecular Oxygen for detoxification and collagen stimulation and a special Bionic Complex. Yeah, I have no idea what that means, but whatever it is, it works. And now I feel like Jaime Sommers. (If you have no idea who Jaime Sommers is, you’re probably too young to even need this product. Google her. Then you’ll understand the reference.)


Get Exuviance Bionic Oxygen Facial today at Amazon!


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I Love a Good Chubby: Clinique Chubby Sticks

Screenshot 2015-10-12 21.35.57I have a big mouth. Literally and figuratively. My lips are huge.

When I was in grammar school, kids made fun of me for having big lips. But now, even my botox doctor (yes, I botox) refers to my lips as “perfect” and once asked me “who did them?” I have to credit my father (the original Sidney Stone), from whom I inherited both my big lips and my big mouth.

Now that I have “grown into” my big mouth, I’ve accepted a few challenges that come along with it. I can’t wear anything too shiny or glossy or glittery without looking like a truck stop whore.

Most of the time, I just do a simple lip pencil over my favorite lip balm. But I always find myself going back to Clinique’s amazing little bullets of lip perfection called “Chubby Sticks” – a brilliant combination of lip pencil and balm that come in the most amazing colors. (I’m wearing “Roomiest Rose” in the photo above.) Infused with shea butter and mango, these babies slide onto your lips like silk. And, if you prime first with Urban Decay’s Ultimate Ozone Lip Pencil, the color will last all day.

Honestly, who doesn’t love a good Chubby?


Get the Look



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Product Review | Revlon Lash Extensions

Currently I’m in this phase of wanting to bring my entire beauty routine in-house. Not only does doing my own nails and hair color save me a ton of money, but I like being able to do things on my own schedule and whenever I get the whim to change up my look (which is quite often.)

After years of getting expensive lash extensions done every two weeks in Manhattan, I decided to try a DIY version instead. I selected Revlon’s Beyond Natural individual lash extensions in black. They come in a pack of 70 with three different lengths: short, medium and long.

Using tweezers, I started applying the short lashes about a third away from the inside corner of my eye. (Trial and error taught me that if you place these types of lashes too close to the corner of your eye, they look anything but natural!)

I added an assortment of medium and long lashes to the outer two-thirds of my eyes, and voila! Instant eyelashes without the smudge of mascara. (I haven’t worn mascara in years.)

The key to applying these lashes is using just a tiny drop of lash adhesive and holding the lash on top of your natural lashes for a few seconds to let it dry. Make sure you don’t apply the lashes to your actual skin . . .that can get painful.

I love the look of these lashes because they do, indeed, look very natural. Plus, they look just as good as the ones I was paying hundreds of dollars for in the city. (These are only $4.00)  Now I can wake up with gorgeous lashes that will last me about 10 days before I need to “fill-in.”

So if you’ve been thinking about trying lash extensions, pick up a set of Revlon’s Beyond Natural Eyelashes the next time you’re in the drug store. It’s a fun, inexpensive, short-term commitment way to give yourself a mini-makeover.



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Product Review: Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick

Screenshot 2016-02-07 21.29.59

I don’t know about you, but I am constantly longing for a lipstick that will (REALLY) last for an entire day. Or an entire weekend. One that doesn’t dry out my lips and leave that horrible outline that makes me look I got my lipliner permanently tattooed.

My lips are absolutely huge, so finding a long-wearing lipstick that will actually stay put on these lips is a tall order. Stila’s All Day Liquid Lipstick comes pretty close to meeting the challenge. The formula is super-rich, super-pigmented and will last for about four hours (on my lips anyway) without having to reapply.

The only drawback to this lipstick is that although it stays put on your lips for hours, it also comes off on everything your lips touch. Coffee mugs, napkins, wine glasses and a manfriend roam my house smeared in various shades of orange and pink. And it’s not easy to get off.

Other than that, I was so smitten with Stila’s All Day Liquid Lipstick that, after receiving a sample in my Birchbox, I went out and bought two more shades. Here’s what all three look like on me.



Bella is a bright fuchsia pink, and I would have never tried this shade on in a store. I thought it would be too bright for me. It turns out that this is actually a great shade for my complexion, as I’m sporting a fake (aka “safe”) tan and the intense color really brightens up my face.

Screenshot 2015-08-31 22.45.20

Stila All Day Liquid Lipcolor in Bella




Dolce is more of a neutral every day color for me. It’s super glossy and very similar to Mac LipGlass. I do have to blot this lip color quite a bit, as I generally try to avoid looking like a porn star, at least during the day.

Screenshot 2015-08-31 22.38.43


Stila All Day Liquid Lipcolor in Dolce


Carina is probably my favorite of the three, but it only looks good on me because of my fake (again “safe”) tan. There is no way I will be able to wear this color during winter without looking like Ronald McDonald.

Screenshot 2015-08-31 22.30.36




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