Are You Still Wearing These 5 Woodstock Fashion Trends?

Woodstock Fashion Trends

50 years later and we’re all still wearing these 5 Woodstock fashion trends

Happy Woodstock 50th Anniversary!


Today we celebrate the OG of music festivals and the fashion trends it spawned. Trends that have stood the test of time and that show up every year in new iterations on the runways and the Instagram feeds of your favorite bloggers.

In 1969, over 400,000 people attended Woodstock in Bethel, New York (which happens to be right up the road from my very own Hudson Valley home.) It was advertised as a weekend of peace, love, and music. It quickly became one of the most influential moments in history. Hundreds of thousands of young people – dubbed “hippies” by mainstream society – proved to the world that they could gather in peace and love. And wished the world could do the same. (Yeah, that 1970s Coke commercial is playing in your head now, isn’t it?)

Woodstock influenced not only the music and the mindset of generations to come, but it also had a huge impact on the fashion industry. Many long-standing fashion trends still worn today have Woodstock to thank for their staying power.

So, in honor of peace, love, music, and fashion – here are five major trends immortalized at Woodstock that we bet you’re still wearing today.

Woodstock Fashion Trend #1: Fringe


If you search Google for photos of Woodstock, you’ll eventually come across a photo of Grace Slick wearing the most amazing white lace-up fringe top with matching bell bottoms.

Then there’s the iconic picture of Jimmy Hendrix in that white fringed shirt. Or Roger Daltry in his unbuttoned camel-colored cardigan trimmed with fringe. And, of course, if you scan through photos of the crowd, you’ll see even more.

The fringe trend never goes out of style. It shows up every season on bags, shoes, boots, wraps, vests, dresses, skirts and more. There is no better way to add “it-girl” status to an outfit than with a classic fringed bag or boot.


Be part of the fringe festival!


Woodstock Style Fringe Vest                       

Woodstock Fashion Trend #2: Boho dresses

*Rebecca Minkoff

Every fashion blogger sporting the bohemian trend at Coachella has Woodstock (and Janis Joplin) to thank for their outfit of the day.

Long flowing maxi-dresses, peasant blouses and baby-doll minis in mixed prints and florals all originated in the sixties.

The boho trend seems made for outdoor concerts because it’s just so comfortable yet chic. And it continues to be prevalent in modern day designers’ collections.


When they go low, we go boho.


Woodstock Style Boho Maxi DressVintage Crochet Boho Dress Bohemian Maxi Dress Woodstock Style            Vintage Aztec Print Boho Tunic          Woodstock Style Boho Maxi Dress


Woodstock Fashion Trend #3: Halter Tops

*Alice + Olivia

Many people who attended Woodstock chose to wear as little (or no) clothing at all.

For a generation of women who were into bra-burning, the halter top was probably more than just a fashion statement.

Sexy and uninhibited, the halter style neckline has actually been around since Paul Poiret in the 1920’s and even further back as a  Native American garment. But Woodstock made it mainstream.

Pair a halter top with a pair of hip-hugging bell-bottom jeans and you’ll be doing Woodstock proud.


Tie one on.

Black Halter Top                        Bohemian hippie style white halter top               

Black sexy strappy halter top              Boho halter perfect for music festival outfit

Woodstock Fashion Trend #4: Vests

*Custo Barcelona

Fringe vests, leather vests, denim vests. They all had a showing at Woodstock. Even the guys were sporting this trend back in the day.

Like all of the trends in this post, vests can be worn year round. I’m an especially big fan of faux-fur vests for fall and winter. I have several hanging in my closet patiently waiting for the first leaf to fall in September.

Another vest trend that I’m loving right now is the super-long, lightweight duster style. They look great with jeans or leggings and can even make you look taller when worn with a pair of groovy heels.


Invest in yourself.



Woodstock style fringe vest             vintage mesh vest          Vintage Jeanne Marc Quilted Vest        Bohemian Vest          Vintage denim vest

Woodstock Fashion Trend #5: Headbands


The best way to bring your favorite Instagram or Snapchat filter to life is to adorn yourself with a beautiful headband.

While the women of the early 60’s sported the double-wide Bridget Bardot style headbands, by 1969, the look was smaller and embellished with beading, jewels, and even flowers. (They were crowned “flower children,” remember?)

Headbands had a massive fashion resurgence moment with the CW hit show Gossip Girl as every style imaginable paraded its way up and down 5th Avenue thanks to costume designer Eric Daman.

And I have to admit, I’m wearing a headband as I write this post. Not a cute one. Just a utilitarian type that is keeping my bed-head hair out of my eyes.


Let it go to your head.

Boho style headband Boho headband set

Music Festival Flower Crown         Music Festival Flower CrownRose Flower Crown Headband
Want more Woodstock-inspired fashion? Check out my Pinterest board.


*Photos from


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