Outfit: Vintage Halston


My obsession with Halston began when I was a kid coveting my older sister Deanna’s bottle of Halston perfume. It was her signature scent, and at the time, it was rather expensive, so it was somewhat off-limits to me. But that didn’t stop me from sneaking into her room and dousing myself in it when she wasn’t home. I had to. It made me feel glamorous. Or as glamorous as a ten-year old could feel.

Then I saw photos of Halston at Studio 54 with women clad in his ridiculously sexy halter dresses and it was official. Halston was to be my first designer crush. Which is why now as an adult I find myself collecting vintage pieces from his various collections.


This long sleeved wool ribbed jersey knit is from the early 80’s. It has shoulder pads, but very minimal, thank God. I’ve paired it with over-the-knee boots, a vintage Gucci bag, and this amazing bib collar necklace I purchased at a boutique in Brooklyn called Fanaberie. The ring is from Alexis Bittar.

I took these photos in my front yard on what was probably the most perfect fall day in New York this season. (The manfriend was a bit upset that I made him wait to blow the leaves off our driveway until I could take these photos.) I have a home in the Hudson Valley – about an hour north of New York City – and the fall foliage here is legendary. As is Halston. It made for the perfect backdrop.




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