February Book Picks

The month of February has become synonymous with love. But before you reach for the barf bag because you’re so over the commercialism of Valentine’s Day, just remember that there are many different types of love. Stylaphile was born out of a passion for fashion! Whatever your greatest love may be, here are four “lovely” books that will have you swooning this month.


Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari

We’ve all been there. Even famous comedian Aziz Ansari has been there. We’ve overanalyzed a text message that we sent to someone who never responded.  And it’s this exact situation that led Ansari to team up with NYU sociologist Eric Klinenberg and start researching today’s culture and process of finding love.

Modern Romance analyzes love and relationships from the past and present to show the changes in both how we find love and what we look for in a relationship. Ansari’s vast amount of research, interviews, and data gathered from around the world is sprinkled with humor, making this both an educational and enjoyable read. You’ll often laugh out loud while learning a thing or two about how to pursue love in the midst of the challenges and opportunities presented to us in this digital age.

Whether you are single, looking for love, or have already found the one, Modern Romance provides an interesting view of today’s love story.

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Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

Jojo Moyes has been making waves with the love story she has created in Me Before YouMoyes has brought two unsuspecting characters together in a journey that explores what it means to live life to the fullest.

Louisa Clark is an ordinary young woman still living with her parents and seemingly only qualified to make a cup of tea. She is hired by the Traynor family as a “care assistant” for their son, Will, who is bound to a wheelchair after a motorbike accident. Soon, Louisa realizes the importance of her role in Will’s life and takes on new responsibilities that go beyond that of a typical “care assistant.” What Louisa doesn’t realize is that she too is being taken care of by Will as he teaches her new ways to live and love.

Together, the witty banter of Lou and Will in combination of the seriousness of the whole situation will make you feel the whole spectrum of emotions.

Get Me Before You now at Amazon.


For the Love by Jen Hatmaker

For the Love by Jen Hatmaker offers a breath of fresh air when it comes to the realities of being a woman. Part biographical, part theological, part advice column, Hatmaker will make you laugh and offer you encouragement.

Whether your dealing with issues like turning forty, raising kids, finding community, or still wondering whether leggings are pants, For the Love will teach you how to love yourself a little bit more and how to share that love with the people around you.

Get For the Love now at Amazon.


The Looks of Love by Hal Rubinstein 

Okay, here’s one that will resonate with all you Stylaphiles! For those of you who love fashion, this is your next coffee table book. The Looks of Love takes us back to some of the most iconic moments from fashion. Moments that have framed our very ideas of love and romance.

Fashion expert Hal Rubenstein provides an in-depth look at fifty moments from the screen to the runway and everywhere in between to show how the world of fashion has influenced and shaped our culture. These moments include icons of the entertainment world and their interpretation of romance, such as the feminine beauty of the wedding dresses of Elizabeth Taylor and Angelina Jolie or the smooth masculinity of James Dean in his leather jacket and Gene Kelly in a suit.

Complete with breathtaking images, insightful essays, and entertaining stories, The Looks of Love will make you want to slip into something you love.

Get The Looks of Love now at Amazon.



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