About Stylaphile

I have always been obsessed with fashion, but like most women, I’ve grown increasingly tired of having unhealthy and unrealistic images thrust upon me every time I open a fashion magazine. Is it any wonder why most women, including me, feel inadequate and unattractive when trying to measure up to such ridiculous standards?

My frustration with the status quo in the fashion industry led me to create Stylaphile because I believe that great style should be accessible to ALL women! Since my friends were always asking me for fashion advice and to help style them, I thought that perhaps by sharing some of my outfits and beauty tips with other women here on Stylaphile, I could help them feel more confident.

What I discovered from the response to Stylaphile is that most women are interested in fashion to some degree, but the majority feel like they don’t have either the body type (six foot tall size zero fashion model) or the budget (six figures and then some) to really consider themselves “fashionable.”

Well, I’m definitely no model. I’m  5′ 6″ tall and a size 6, which according to Stanley Tucci in The Devil Wears Prada is the new 14. I have an hourglass figure that I inherited from my mother and I have short stubby little legs. And while I don’t fit the particular mold of the latest “it” girl, that doesn’t mean that I (or anyone) can’t enjoy fashion and have great style.

I believe that we as women need to start ignoring all those messages from the industry and media that tell us we have to be extremely thin, tall and poreless in order to feel good about ourselves. Let’s set our own standards, showcase our own style, and declare ourselves “it girls” without obsessing over trying to look like the latest supermodel or celebrity. When we turn the focus on ourselves and empower ourselves with confidence, we can do great things in the world.


Sydney Stone
Founder and Editor-in-Chief


What you WILL find on Stylaphile:

Fashion & Beauty Tips | Health & Fitness Articles | DIY Projects | Stories About Life in General

Articles About Women Who are Changing the World | Ramblings About How Much I Love New York


What you WON’T find on Stylaphile:

Stories About Celebrities or Models | Images That Promote Unrealistic or Unhealthy Standards of Beauty

 Pop-Ups or Intrusive Ads (I Hate Them)

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