About Stylaphile

Sydney Stone of Stylaphile

Stylaphile began as a creative outlet for two of my passions: fashion (specifically vintage) and writing. Over the years, it led to the launch of my very own vintage clothing site – Shop Stylaphile.

My favorite fashion decade is the 1970s, and if I could time-travel, that’s where you would find me…disco-dancing at Studio 54, draped in Halston.

What you’ll find here on Stylaphile is a mix of style tips, beauty product reviews, and “get the look” features from some of my favorite films and television series. Oh, and a whole lot of vintage! Vintage fashion, vintage beauty, and even a little vintage New York!

Thanks for spending some time with me…

Sydney StoneFounder & Editor-in-Chief

If you love vintage fashion, be sure to visit my Shop Stylaphile Vintage store!