Stylish Resolution #25: Start Your Own Vintage Collection

Do you love antique brooches or vintage handbags? Is there one designer – past or present – that you absolutely love and would buy anything they’ve ever produced?

I’m definitely a collector.  Aside from my obsession with shoes, I also love to collect vintage clothing, especially Halston. I like the idea that each piece has a story behind it and that I’m carrying on that history. I get lost in thinking about who the person was that owned it before me and where they might have worn it.

This year, start your own collection. With sites like Etsy, eBay, 1stDibs, the RealReal and more, it’s easier than ever to score hard-to-find vintage and designer pieces. Decide what it is that you love, and then go out and find it. Fill your closet with historical pieces that bring you joy and stir your imagination.

Things I Currently Have in my Vintage Collection


A Halston dress like the one SJP wore on SATC | This dress Kelly LeBrock wore in Weird Science


This stunning 1980s St. John by Marie Gray dress

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