Stylish Resolution #12: Find Your Decade

This is an easy one for me. The 70’s. I am obsessed with that decade. I want to look exactly like Amy Adams in American Hustle every single day of my life.

If I could time-travel, you’d find me at Studio 54 disco dancing my ass off in a fabulous sequin number by Halston. Or strutting the streets of NYC in massively oversized sunglasses like Gloria Steinem back in the day.

My closet is filled with sequins, wrap-dresses, bohemian looks and vintage Halston. I love the seventies because it was a time when people – especially women – were expressing themselves through fashion. Long gone were the prim and proper outfits of the 40’s and 50’s. Women were free to express their individuality and their sexuality without shame. And the clothes were just so beautiful, glamorous and drop-dead sexy.

Perhaps you love the 50’s and the Madmen style of clothing or the mod or hippie trends of the 60’s. (Not sure there’s much to love about the 80’s, though.)

Whichever decade it is that you love, do some research, start a Pinterest board, and bring back a little piece of time and history in every outfit you wear.

Check out my 70’s Pinterest Board


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