December: A Month’s Worth of Outfits

December is the busiest (and the most festive) month of the year. Between buying presents, decorating, and visiting family and friends, who has time to carefully plan their wardrobe? And what the hell are you supposed to wear to all those holiday parties?

Fret not my little fashion elves. Stylaphile has put together an entire month’s worth of outfit inspiration. From casual jeans for Sunday shopping to the perfect little black dress for New Year’s Eve, think of this as your personal advent style calendar.  Click on the calendar image below to be taken to a page with a breakdown of each individual outfit and how you can get the look.

Here’s to a fabulous and fashionable holiday season!

HorizontalSpacerInsert deiselleathervest     flyingtomato     zarablackjacket    vintageblouse    dknysweater



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