New Workout Wednesday: 10 Minute Trainer – Abs


Last week for New Workout Wednesday, I reviewed Focus T25 – a high intensity 25-minute cardio workout from

It was tough, and I was mopping my own sweat off the floor afterwards, but come on, anybody can devote 25 minutes to a workout, right?

What if that workout were only 10 minutes? Can a 10 minute workout really have that much of an impact?

I recently signed up for’s On-Demand Workout Library, so now I have access to hundreds of workouts to try and review as part of this new Stylaphile series. This week, I tried another Beachbody product.

SpacerToday’s Workout: Tony Horton’s 10 Minute Trainer: Abs


What You’ll Need

a yoga mat or soft carpeted surface | a bottle of Aleve for when you’re done


I went into this workout thinking, “Great! 10 minutes! This will be over before you know it!” It wasn’t. I was in hell. And this was just in the first 30 seconds. Remember that scene from An Officer and a Gentleman where Richard Gere has to hold his legs a few inches off the ground while Louis Gosset Jr. stands over him and berates him until he breaks down in tears? That’s EXACTLY how you’ll feel after this workout.

How I felt doing the 10 Minute Ab Trainer

I’m not gonna lie…this workout is extremely difficult. You need to have a pretty high level of core strength before you’ll be able to complete it. (I’m certainly not at that level…yet!) There are 20 exercises done in quick succession with zero rest time in between, so you’re getting a good 10 minutes worth of cardio in addition to a really intense ab workout.

Tony does offer modifications for some of the more difficult exercises, and believe me, I took advantage of all of them! The ab workout is one of eight that make up the full 10 Minute Trainer program, which includes Cardio, Total Body, Upper Body, Core Cardio, Lower Body, Yoga Flex and Total Body 2. (I’m sure I’ll be reviewing each of these in the future.)

I just finished this workout, and as I’m sitting here writing this, I can already feel the soreness. I can’t even imagine how much pain I’m going to be in tomorrow or the next day. But you know what they say, “no pain, no gain.”

Trust me, 10 Minute Trainer: Abs will put you all aboard the pain train. But no doubt, you’ll get results.
HorizontalSpacerInsertYou can try the Beachbody On-Demand service free for 30 days and have access to a expansive library of workouts, including T25.


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