New Workout Wednesday: Focus T25 Cardio


Anybody has time for a 25 minute workout, right?

In an effort to incorporate more exercise into my regular routine, I’m trying a new workout each week and sharing my experience and thoughts here with you guys.

Having seen the devastating effects that diabetes has had on my mother, I am determined to do everything I can to make sure I never succumb to this horrible disease. And since “Get more physical activity” is #1 on the list of 5 Ways to Prevent Diabetes, I’m all in. Let’s get more exercise!

I’ve found that the key to regular exercise is finding something you actually enjoy doing. Something fun. Something you’ll actually look forward to every day. So I’m trying out all different kinds of workouts to see what sticks.

This week’s new workout is…’s Focus T25 Cardio

You can try the Beachbody On-Demand service free for 30 days and have access to a expansive library of workouts, including T25.


What You’ll Need

nothing except your own body, plenty of water nearby, a towel, and perhaps a sweat mop


I’m sure most of you guys have heard of Shaun T. He’s famous for his Insanity workouts. Years ago, the manfriend and I did a round of Insanity together and had amazing results. But then life happened and we stopped working out. Now we’re at it again. Only this time, we’re doing the Focus T25 version.

The first workout in the T25 series is Cardio. And let me tell you, it’s tough. Even the manfriend, who is in much better shape than me, had to take a few breaks. This is non-stop, high-impact, sweat-pouring cardio. This particular workout is NOT for beginners. You really need to have some level of cardio endurance before you attempt T25. If I wasn’t running on a daily basis, I would have probably had to quit after the first 5 minutes.

Although I wouldn’t call this workout “fun” by any means, it is challenging and you know you’re burning calories. You can see them falling off your body in every drop of sweat that lands on the floor. And it’s a short workout, which gives you the motivation to keep going. I kept looking at the clock and calling every 5 minute mark…”20 minutes to go, 15 minutes, 10 minutes…”

The time does go by quickly and you will feel absolutely amazing (and yes, exhausted) after completing this workout.

My advice: if you really want to lose weight and have minimum time to exercise, this is the workout program for you. But you need to be in pretty decent cardio shape prior or you’ll get discouraged from the start.

AND…you will love Shaun T. It will turn into a love/hate relationship very quickly, but you will love him for being tough on you and getting your ass into shape.

Last week’s workout: Sportskool’s Restorative Yoga


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