My Thoughts on Plastic Surgery (yes, I’ve had it!)


What I looked like in high school vs. now. Lots of changes. Some happened naturally. Some I paid for.

If you follow my Flashback Friday series, you already know what a huge (literally) mistake my hair was in the 80’s. One of the reasons I keep my hair so short now is because it was so severely damaged from all the trauma I put it through over the years. Bleaching, perming teasing, and the full-on assault from hundreds of cans of Aqua Net. (Sorry ozone.)

When I recently stumbled upon my high school senior portrait, I was horrified. Back in the day, I’m sure I thought I looked great. Hell, I went out in public looking like this. That was the style. Everybody looks back on old photos of themselves and has that “What the hell was I thinking?” moment.

This made me wonder. Ten years from now, will I look back at my current Instagram feed and shudder in horror at my current hairstyle? My current outfits? My current face?

Looks change. Style changes. But I honestly think that the older you get, the more your looks and your style evolve. And sometimes, you want to speed up that evolution.

Which brings me to the subject of plastic surgery. Whenever anyone asks me if I had it, I give full disclosure. I’m all for it. As long as you are doing it to increase your own personal level of confidence and not to please someone else. And to be perfectly honest, when I first started getting plastic surgery, I wasn’t doing it for myself.


Why I Started Getting Plastic Surgery


Before I started Stylaphile, I was an actor. I moved to New York City in 2000 to pursue my acting career. And I found out pretty quickly how much the entertainment business is focused way more on the way you look than how talented you are. I got caught up in constantly trying to improve my looks in hopes that I would get that big break.

Me & my big mouth at 3 years old

So over the years, I had two nose jobs, a chin implant, and had my ears pinned (they used to stick out pretty far. Like Dumbo far). I improved my smile with Invisalign and porcelain veneers. I haven’t done anything to my lips, though. They’ve always been huge. Just check out the photo on the left of me at three years old.

I was happy with all the improvements I had made and they did make me more confident as an actor. But I would still get feedback from my auditions that was all over the place. She’s too attractive. She’s not attractive enough. She’s too short. She’s too tall. She’s too fat. She’s too skinny. And there was one audition where the casting director actually said, “We love you. You’re perfect. We want you for the part. But only if you speak Yiddish.” (I don’t.)

As much as I loved acting, I just got burnt out. Working a full time job while trying to find an acting job, while attending acting classes and doing showcases really started to wear on me. When I started writing Stylaphile, something changed. I realized how much I really liked to write. I loved the fact that I could write an article, put it out there, and get instant feedback and connection with an audience. This was the exact reason I loved being onstage. It was all about the connection with the audience. But now I was getting that connection instantly, on my own, without having to audition for anyone of have anyone “give” me the part.

So I quit acting to focus on Stylaphile. And I haven’t had any more plastic surgery. I do have Botox about twice a year, and I use a ton of anti-aging products. The great thing about being a fashion and beauty blogger is that I get sent all kinds of great new products to try out. I use these products to enhance the way I look now.  I truly believe that you should maintain your body and your face the same way you maintain your house. You live in it every day and you want it to look its best.

But now I’m doing all of this because I truly love writing about fashion and beauty and sharing it with you, my audience. Not because I’m hoping that someone will think I’m attractive enough to give me my big break. I created my own big break when I started Stylaphile. And now I love what I’m doing.

And I love you guys for reading.


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2 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Plastic Surgery (yes, I’ve had it!)

  1. I know I’ll get a nose job in a few years. I’m fifteen, and I’m honestly going to do what you did, it’s been my dream for awhile with the whole acting thing. (Not as much plastic surgery but I do want a nose job pretty badly)


  2. I’m glad you are going to wait a few years, as your face does change on its own as you get older. But if it will make you more confident, go for it! And I wish you tons of luck in your acting career. I do have to admit that sometimes I miss it. I might get back to it sometime. Perhaps our paths may cross in the future. Thanks for your comment!

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