Read This: Modern Lovers by Emma Straub


In the mood to relive your college days? Then pick up or download a copy of Modern Lovers by Emma Straub.

Now you might not have been in a band called “Kitty’s Mustache” like the book’s main characters – Elizabeth, Andrew, and Zoe. But you will certainly relate to (and enjoy) their story.

These three are former college band members who are still friends after all these years. They now all live in Brooklyn where they struggle to maintain some of their youthful passions while being forced to deal with grown-up issues like money, marriage, and procreation.

The death of their former band member and decisions about how to move forward in life force them to re-live the past as they attempt to handle the present and prepare for the future.

Whether you’re struggling with adulting or still jamming out in your college dorm, this book definitely needs to be on your summer reading list. Think of this as a “coming of age” novel – for big kids.

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Hannah Faye, Contributing Editor

Part-time writer and full-time reader, Hannah Faye is happy to be Stylaphile’s new contributing book editor. When she’s not reading or writing, she’s molding the minds of students in her English classroom or watching Netflix with her husband.

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