Wanna Feel Sexy? You Need to Get Unbound


Victoria may have a secret, but Unbound knows exactly what women want.

Unbound is a sexy new shopping site where you can buy anything you could possibly want to feel sexy. And I do mean anything.  From gorgeous lingerie to state-of-the-art sex toys, if you’re in the mood to celebrate your sexuality, consider this your party store.

single_box_grandeThe mission of Unbound is to make sex better for women. And they certainly have curated an amazing collection of all the necessary tools. If Samantha Jones from Sex & the City started an online store, Unbound would be it. There’s even a quarterly box subscription service you can sign up for, full of toys, bath & body products, and accessories. (What Samantha would call “a box for your box!”)

When the fabulous folks at Unbound approached me about doing this sponsored post, I was thrilled. Stylaphile is all about empowering women with confidence, and Unbound is all about empowering women by helping them own and celebrate their sexuality.

I’m a firm believer that every woman needs a bedside “goodie-drawer.” I certainly have one. I have a battery operated device named after a famous baseball player. I refer to it as my “pinch-hitter” when the manfriend isn’t available. And with all the amazing products available at Unbound, my goodie-drawer may soon grow into a goodie-dresser.

Just check out the incredibly beautiful (and sexy!) pieces I’m wearing in the photos below. The Agent Teddy from Hauty is a long-sleeved mesh bodysuit that is just way too pretty not to wear outside the bedroom. I’ve paired it here with a brown leather skirt and vintage bag. This would also look great worn under a contemporary white pantsuit. I actually wore this Cheyenne Tall Triangle Bralet from Cosabella as a bathing suit top the other day. And the Unbound Body Chain is a versatile accessory you can wear with a bathing suit, a tank top, or alone for a seriously sexy surprise.

FullSizeRender-78   FullSizeRender-80   FullSizeRender-79

Screenshot 2016-07-27 22.20.58   Screenshot 2016-07-27 22.23.36  Screenshot 2016-07-27 22.11.39

What I love most about Unbound is that it truly is for women. And it’s empowering. Let’s face it, that OTHER lingerie store is really for men, with it’s overly photoshopped images promoting unrealistic & impossible standards of beauty. Unbound promotes confidence and self-love (in the truest form!)

And nothing in this world is sexier than a confident woman.


Thank you to Unbound for sponsoring this post.



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