5-Minute Manicures

Let’s face it. Sometimes we just don’t have time to either go and get a professional manicure done or paint our nails at home. The prep-time, cuticle detail, two coats plus drying time. Sometimes we’re just in a hurry, but we still want our nails to look clean and, well, polished!

Luckily, there are several products out there that can give you a professional looking manicure in five minutes or less. So when your weekend has come to an end and you just don’t have time to hit the nail salon before Manicure Monday, try some of these “insta-manis” that are totally “insta-worthy!”


1. Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips


sally-hansen-salon-effects-nail-polish-strips I’ve been using these handy little nail polish strips for years. They’re so easy to apply and they come in the most amazing shades and designs.

The best part is that these suckers last! Plus, you can use them over gel nails or even fake pop-on nails. And they work with any nail shape too.

The only drawback is that your local drugstore or Walmart usually doesn’t have a lot of different designs in stock, but I’ve been able to buy assorted lots of them on Amazon for way less!


Here are a few of my favorite styles. Click on the images for product details.


     SHCN4408_SE_75LSTRUS_0     540-crowdsurfer550-amazinglace


2. Static Nails Reusable Pop-On Manicures


Screenshot 2016-07-25 09.48.12You guys already know what a huge fan I am of Static Nails.

These are by far the coolest instant manicures on the market and are frequently used for runway shows during fashion week.

You can buy different sets and mix and match. You can even repaint and reshape them if you want. The glue that comes with each kit works extremely well, so if you only want to wear them for a few days, use very little. If you want them to last for a couple of weeks, just use more.

Word of caution though. When using these or any other type of fake nails that go on top of your natural nail, don’t wear them for too long of a stretch of time or they can weaken your nails. Give yourself at least a week’s break in between use.


Here are a few of my favorite styles. Click on the photos for details and shopping info.

563624            563619     563629


3. KISS Gel Fantasy Ready-to-Wear Nails


Screenshot 2016-07-25 10.08.23 I’m actually wearing KISS Nails in Rush Hour right now. They’re from last week’s manicure and they’re still going strong.

These also come in a vast array of creative colors and styles. KISS Nails also gives you the option of using the glue for longer wear or adhesive tabs for short-term.

As with the Sally Hansen nail strips above, sometimes your local drug store doesn’t carry all the available styles, so again, your best bet is to find the exact ones you want on Amazon.


Here are a few of my favorite styles. Click on the images for details.


41eGIdDaR1L           41xEYEtVZeL          71sjeyqq64L._SY679_


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