Mani Monday: Glitter Paillettes from Michael’s

FullSizeRender-92The other day I was at Michael’s. Wandering through this store always make me think that I, too, could design jewelry, or bake cakes, or knit, or scrapbook. (None of which I actually do.)

Michael’s inspires me to be creative. So when I found myself on the glitter aisle, I immediately thought about doing a “real” glitter manicure. Not just glitter polish, but full-on real glitter.

I chose this turquoise blue palettes glitter for my experiment. I used it for both my mani and my pedicure (It actually worked better on my toes.)

I started by applying a layer of black nail polish. I then sprinkled the glitter lightly over each nail and gently flattened it down. I waited for it to dry completely, then added a top coat of clear polish. And while it was a bit messy, I do love the overall 3D look.

Now let’s see how long it lasts! (My pedicure is going strong – 5 days and counting with no glitter loss!)


Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 6.25.00 AM

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