1976: The Year I Wore a Jaws T-Shirt for Picture Day

11144439_10153164064379807_2034226336289388396_n (1)

Oh, look! It’s my natural hair color!

My mom never forgave me this photo.

Yes, I knew it was school photo day. I just didn’t tell her. I wanted to wear my Jaws t-shirt and I was sure she wouldn’t let me. I knew all the other girls would be dressed in frilly little dresses, but I wanted to be different.

I remember asking the photographer if they could move “that stupid bell thing” so people could see the whole shark. I am certain that he laughed at me.

The original Jaws movie opened in 1975 and I went to see it with my two older sisters. I can remember sitting in the theater with my feet up in the chair because I was convinced that the doors would open and shark-infested ocean water was going to pour in.

I didn’t understand why they were trying to kill the shark. I kept asking my sisters, “Why can’t they just dump a bunch of fish food in the deep water where it swims so it won’t eat people?”

Yep. That was me back in the day. Young. Innocent. And not so fashionable. But I had mad respect for the shark before Shark Week ever existed. And if you haven’t seen the original Jaws, do yourself a favor and watch it. Spoiler alert. The shark dies. And to this day, I still cry.


I loved my Jaws shirt so much that I found a modern day version.

Forever 21 Shark Sweatshirt


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