Manicure Monday: Side-Swiped


As much as I love wearing pop-on nails, every once in a while, I have to give my natural nails a break and let them breathe.

This week, I trimmed them down to super-short status. (It is ridiculous how much faster I type on my laptop when my nails are this short!)

For this look, I used Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips in “Side-Swiped.” Then I added Pure Ice “Dazzle Me  glitter polish to the natural colored side of the strips.

I’ve noticed that the more I use products like Static Nails and these Sally Hansen Real Nail Polish Strips, the less patience I have for actually painting my nails with regular polish. I’m becoming addicted to instant, perfect manicures with little-to-no drying time.

Hmmnnn…perhaps Stylaphile should have its own line of nail polish strips.HorizontalSpacerInsert


   999999-74170410884 41vCRGErZUL

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