1985: That Time I Had This Hair (and This Nose)

This was my 1985 high school yearbook photo. I was in the process of growing out my Princess Diana haircut and my hair was absolutely fried thanks to a regular routine of bleaching, blow-drying, and using a curling iron.

I cannot believe how much time and effort I spent every morning creating this horrific look. What I wouldn’t give to get that time back. Hey, while we’re at it, I want those eyebrows back too!

What I don’t want back is my old nose. Or my old teeth.

At least I was starting to learn to use makeup properly. Although a bit heavy, I do like the colors I’m wearing. Especially the lipstick.  I also like the red sweater and the twist-a-bead necklace. Remember those?

Of all the fashion decades, the 80s was my least favorite. I’ve yet to find a photo of myself from that decade that doesn’t cause me to recoil in horror. I honestly think the best thing about the 1980s was the music. And the fact that my parents were paying for everything. Including the copious amounts of Aqua Net required to cement this lovely look.

Sorry Mom & Dad. (Really, really sorry ozone layer!)


Check out my Pinterest 80’s Board to see where I got some of my inspiration back in the day.


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