Flashback Friday: The Time I Had THIS Haircut


I don’t even remember what year this school photo was taken. It was obviously in the 80’s. Probably between the time I was growing out my “Princess Diana” haircut and the time that long, poofy big hair became the thing.

Look how absolutely fried my hair was. I’m sure it was the result of bleaching, blow drying, and the curling iron. I cannot believe how much time and effort I used to spend every morning to create this horrific look. I’d kill to get that time back.

What I don’t want back is my old nose. Or my old teeth. But damn I wish I still had my old eyebrows.

At least I was starting to learn to use makeup the right way. Although a bit heavy, I do like the colors I’m wearing. Especially the lipstick.  I also like the red sweater and the twist-a-bead necklace. Remember those?

The funny thing about my hair in this photo is that it’s about the same length it is now. I wonder if sometime in the future I’ll look back on all my Instagram selfies with my current hairstyle and think I looked atrocious.



Check out my Pinterest 80’s Board to see where I got some of my inspiration back in the day.




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