Why I Keep My Morning Beauty Products in the Fridge

FullSizeRender-40There is nothing beautiful about me in the morning. With my red bed-head hair, I’m the modern day love child of Medusa and Ronald McDonald. And I certainly feel (and act) like Medusa…at least until that first cup of coffee kicks in.

I’ve never been  a morning person. When I was a kid, my poor Mom would have so much trouble getting me up to go to school. She would always yell, “Get up! I want to see some feet on the floor,” to which I would groggily mumble, “Look down at your own.” Yeah, that never went over well.

I’m a late night kinda girl. I stay up until around 1 or 2 AM writing or working on the blog. I’ve found that to be my “zen” time for writing. I usually stumble out of bed around 8 or 8:30 AM, which is about the time my two cats, Rollo & Grady, start demanding their morning treats. (They want to see my feet on the floor too.) Luckily for me, their treat box is right next to the Keurig machine. Nothing happens in the morning before Caramel Vanilla Creme coffee.

As for my morning beauty routine, I have a simple trick that helps me wake up.  I keep my morning beauty products in the refrigerator. The cool sensation is not only good for my skin, but helps send the signal to my brain that it’s time to wake up and get shit done.

I start with Caudalie’s Micellar Cleansing Water. This stuff has replaced all my other cleansers. I have somewhat sensitive skin, and most other cleansing products leave my skin feeling dry and taut. The micellar water just leaves it feeling smooth and super-clean.

Next, since my eyes are always puffy in the morning, I use Simple’s Revitalizing Eye Roll-On. The added coolness from being refrigerated helps the metal ball roller really soothe and de-puff the eye area. Then I spray my face with Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic Spritzer. It has aloe vera and Vitamin E and really wakes up the skin. Plus, it smells amazing.

Most days I’m just working from home, so I don’t really wear makeup. However, I ALWAYS, repeat…ALWAYS wear sunscreen. If I’m not wearing makeup on a particular day, I’ll just add Neutrogena’s Rapid Tone Repair Moisturizer with SPF 30 to my morning routine.

So there you have it. My morning routine. The one that helps transform me (somewhat) from Medusa to Madonna. Well, maybe not quite.


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