Clean Slate

If you were a child of the 80’s, then you’ll remember this iconic beauty trend: Lee Press-On Nails.

What I remember most about the press-on nail craze was that they didn’t stay on. They popped off so easily that my friends and I were always walking around with missing nails. “Have you seen my press-on? I think it came off between 2nd and 3rd periods.” The tab-style adhesive just wasn’t strong enough to hold the nails in place.

Thank the beauty gods that I’ve found my modern day version of Lee Press On Nails in the form of Static Nails. I’ve written about Static Nails several times as I’m a huge fan. They come in the most creative and glamorous styles and these suckers stay put! Of course the Static Nails kit comes with nail glue instead of adhesive tabs, and this nail glue really works. But it’s still easy to get the nails off when you want, if you’re careful not to use too much glue.

Today I’m wearing Static Nails in “Clean Slate” – a gunmetal glossy gray with 2 Swarovski crystal accent nails. The best thing about this mani? It took me less than five minutes!



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