1991: Black Brows and Bushy Bangs


This photo was taken in 1991. I was attending the University of Alabama at Birmingham where I majored in theatre and where my bangs won an award for most dramatic performance.

To get this look, I would put an extraordinary amount of mousse in my hair, then blow-dry with a round brush, and then tease. And tease. And tease. Then swoop. Then spray the living hell out of it.

My hair was so incredibly damaged back then. Look how dry and thin the ends are. One of the reasons I wear my hair short now is because I tortured it so much back in the 80’s and 90’s. With the bleaching and teasing, and OMG – I even had a perm.

When I try to grow my hair out now, the ends start splitting and thinning and I’m reminded of photos like this, which causes me to say “Oh hell no!” and chop it all off.

Okay, so aside from the really bad hair happening in this picture, let’s talk about how much makeup I was wearing. Entirely way too much blush and lip gloss. And how ’bout those black eyebrows? Yes, a fair-skinned, bleached blonde girl like myself definitely needs black eyebrows. Ugh.

Speaking of eyebrows, the only thing I love about this photo now is how thick my brows were at the time. This was shortly before the “micro-thin” brow trend came around, which of course, I participated in. My eyebrows have never been the same since.

And finally, I used to be so incredibly self-conscious about that big chicken-pox scar on my forehead. But thanks to the wonders of microdermabrasion and chemical peels, that sucker is a thing of the past. Just like those incredibly awful bangs.


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