Stylaphile DIY: How I Created a Very Inexpensive Jewelry Organizer

For the last several months, I have been pleading with my manfriend to let me have one of his pegboards from the garage so I could turn it into a jewelry organizer. His response has always been, “that’s not for jewelry…it’s for man tools!”

Imagine my surprise when he came home one day with a bag from the hardware store and presented me with a brand spanking new pegboard (and accessories)! After jumping up and down, several enthusiastic manfriend hugs, and squealing with glee like the GEICO pig, I set about transforming this simple pegboard into my “accessories wall.”


I started by applying several light coats of white gloss paint and allowing each to dry carefully. Once the board was completely dry, manfriend kindly installed it on the wall in my dressing room. Then I busted out the 50 piece assortment of pegboard hooks and commenced organization.

If you read my previous post about how I took one of my guest bedrooms and “re-purposed” it into my dressing room/shoe closet, then you know that I’m obsessed with having all of my clothing, shoes & accessories in plain sight where I can see everything. (Like Carrie Bradshaw, I like my disposable income where I can see it…hanging in my closet!)

Now, thanks to a creative idea and a very sweet manfriend, I have a perfectly organized accessories wall for my “girl tools.”


The finished project!

The finished project!


Here’s the scoop on the costs:

Pegboard from Lowe’s $7.15

50 piece hook assortment pack from Harbor Freight Tools $5.99

White glossy paint & paintbrush (already had)


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2 thoughts on “Stylaphile DIY: How I Created a Very Inexpensive Jewelry Organizer

  1. I already did this for my closet. Except I didn’t paint it in fear that the pegboard holes would become sealed with the paint.


  2. I definitely had to be careful with the paint. I did really light coats to make sure they didn’t get clogged. But isn’t it a great solution? Great minds think alike! Thanks for your comment!


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