Using Your Instagram Feed to Achieve Your Goals

It’s never too late to set new goals for yourself. Whether it’s for a new year, the upcoming month, or just this week, writing down your goals is the always the first step you take towards achieving them. I always find it very useful in planning my goals to start by taking a look back at the year I’ve just completed. What were the highlights? What did I do that brought me so much joy that I need to plan to do more of in the future? And, probably even more importantly, what challenges did I overcome that made me stronger?

Social media (especially Instagram) is a great visual recorder of your own personal history. In looking back at your timeline, you get to relive those amazing memories and accomplishments from the last year. Here are some of my highlights.


Stylaphile2015_1     Stylaphile2105_11     Stylaphile2015_10     Stylaphile2015_8    Stylaphile2015_9     Stylaphile2015_7     Stylaphile2015_12     Stylaphile2015_5     Stylaphile2015_6     Stylaphile2015_3     Stylaphile2015_2    Stylaphile2015_4


What I learned from doing this look-back and reliving the past year through photographs and status updates, is that time spent with my family and friends will always be the most rewarding investment. And what else am I planning on doing more of in the future? Traveling, seeing more live theatre, listening to great music, running and exercising more, and most importantly, continuing to use Stylaphile to connect with you, my fabulous readers, who bring me insane amounts of joy every time you comment, share a post, or contact me via email to ask a question about an outfit or article that I’ve posted here.

I encourage all of you to take a moment today to look back before you look forward. What will bring you the most joy in the future? Whatever it is, I truly hope you make plans to experience that joy. You deserve it.


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