2 Easy Steps to Body Positivity

SupermodelRemember the advice that if you were afraid of public speaking, you should imagine the audience in their underwear? Well, I have a couple of tips for how to view your favorite fashion magazines and NOT feel bad about your body afterwards.

1. View the anorexic models as walking coat hangers.

I’ve started viewing every anorexic looking model in fashion spreads, runway shows and advertisements as a walking coat hanger. I look at the clothes, not the model. I imagine what the outfit would like in my size hanging on the rack at a store. No longer will I say to myself, “yeah, that would probably look good on me if I lost 10 pounds or had her body.” Instead, I will say, “would this outfit work on my body type?”

2. Realize that every photo you see in a magazine and advertisement is ART, not reality.

There is a reason why every fashion magazine has an extensive art department. Because what they are creating is art, not reality. Remember that every model in every photo starts out with the best hair and makeup artists (see, ARTISTS!) in the business. Add to that the best lighting directors, best photographers, best angles and then, last but not least, the best photoshoppers on the planet. The final result of the photo looks very little like the model herself. Do NOT compare yourself to these unrealistic images.

Remember, if you had access to the same makeup artists, photographers, and photoshoppers that the women in the fashion magazines do, you would like a supermodel, too.


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