I Love a Good Chubby: Clinique Chubby Sticks

Screenshot 2015-10-12 21.35.57I have a big mouth. Literally and figuratively. My lips are huge.

When I was in grammar school, kids made fun of me for having big lips. But now, even my botox doctor (yes, I botox) refers to my lips as “perfect” and once asked me “who did them?” I have to credit my father (the original Sidney Stone), from whom I inherited both my big lips and my big mouth.

Now that I have “grown into” my big mouth, I’ve accepted a few challenges that come along with it. I can’t wear anything too shiny or glossy or glittery without looking like a truck stop whore.

Most of the time, I just do a simple lip pencil over my favorite lip balm. But I always find myself going back to Clinique’s amazing little bullets of lip perfection called “Chubby Sticks” – a brilliant combination of lip pencil and balm that come in the most amazing colors. (I’m wearing “Roomiest Rose” in the photo above.) Infused with shea butter and mango, these babies slide onto your lips like silk. And, if you prime first with Urban Decay’s Ultimate Ozone Lip Pencil, the color will last all day.

Honestly, who doesn’t love a good Chubby?


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