Obsession: Static Nails

Screenshot 2015-10-12 08.22.19Through the power of Instagram and the Manicure Monday hashtag, I discovered my new beauty obsession: Static Nails.

These are reusable glue-on nails that come in some of the most creative and beautiful designs I’ve ever seen.

I immediately had to try them, so I went online and ordered a few different styles. The first ones I tried were these silver mirror-finished beauties called “Liquid Metal.” I can’t tell you how unbelievably easy these nails are to use.

Each kit comes with 24 nails in 12 different sizes, along with glue and a nail file. Just find the right size for each nail, apply the glue, and pop them on!  And let me tell you, they stay put! I’ve had mine on for 10 days now and they are still going strong!

I did have a slight mishap when applying the nails however. I accidentally got some of the glue on one of the tips. Since my manicure looked so freaking perfect aside from that one little smudge, I decided to get creative and cover it up by adding a “french tip” of Marc Jacobs’ “Glinda” – a glittery silver polish that was the perfect match for my new Liquid Metals. The result was pretty amazing…see below.


Although the Liquid Metal set is sold out on the StaticNails website, you can still order them at FrendsBeauty. Marc Jacob’s Glinda can be purchased at Sephora.


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