Product Review | Revlon Lash Extensions

Currently I’m in this phase of wanting to bring my entire beauty routine in-house. Not only does doing my own nails and hair color save me a ton of money, but I like being able to do things on my own schedule and whenever I get the whim to change up my look (which is quite often.)

After years of getting expensive lash extensions done every two weeks in Manhattan, I decided to try a DIY version instead. I selected Revlon’s Beyond Natural individual lash extensions in black. They come in a pack of 70 with three different lengths: short, medium and long.

Using tweezers, I started applying the short lashes about a third away from the inside corner of my eye. (Trial and error taught me that if you place these types of lashes too close to the corner of your eye, they look anything but natural!)

I added an assortment of medium and long lashes to the outer two-thirds of my eyes, and voila! Instant eyelashes without the smudge of mascara. (I haven’t worn mascara in years.)

The key to applying these lashes is using just a tiny drop of lash adhesive and holding the lash on top of your natural lashes for a few seconds to let it dry. Make sure you don’t apply the lashes to your actual skin . . .that can get painful.

I love the look of these lashes because they do, indeed, look very natural. Plus, they look just as good as the ones I was paying hundreds of dollars for in the city. (These are only $4.00)  Now I can wake up with gorgeous lashes that will last me about 10 days before I need to “fill-in.”

So if you’ve been thinking about trying lash extensions, pick up a set of Revlon’s Beyond Natural Eyelashes the next time you’re in the drug store. It’s a fun, inexpensive, short-term commitment way to give yourself a mini-makeover.



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