An Open Letter to the Fashion Industry

manifesto_featured_imageHey Fashion World!

We love you. We really do.

We’re the women who buy your magazines, your advertised products and your designers’ clothing. We ARE your target audience.

We love fashion, but we’re fed up!

We’re fed up with the super-skinny models & overly-airbrushed photos that promote impossible standards of beauty and lead to eating disorders, especially in young girls.

We’re not all supermodels. We have different body types. We’re not airbrushed. No matter how much we spend on the product you’ve featured in your magazine, we’re not going to get the same results as the model in the photo because it’s not real.

So, how about a compromise?

If you want to sell more magazines, get more advertising dollars and convince us to purchase more designer clothing, why not consider making a few simple changes?


Change the sample size from a 0 to a 6 and send models of all shapes, heights, sizes & ages down your runways.


Eliminate the height & size requirement and make “healthy” the new industry standard. A size 8 model should not be considered “plus-sized.”


Stop photo-shopping your photos beyond perfection and start featuring more body types in your magazines.

It’s a win-win for everyone, because healthy is always fashionable.


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