Beauty Trends | Eyeliner Tightlining

photoHave you heard about the new eyeliner trend called “tightlining”?

Basically, tightlining is a technique where you focus your eyeliner directly at the base of your lashes and underneath on the waterline. Rather than drawing a thick black line along the the top of your lash line, you simply smudge the color up underneath and between your lashes.

The result is eye-popping, to say the least. Tightlining really makes light eyes like mine seem to jump out at you. The key is to combine the darkest black liner with a neutral eyeshadow base and a lot of mascara (or in my case, some really great lash extensions).

I achieved my tightlining look by applying bareMinerals eyeshadow in “Cultured Pearl” all over my lid, followed by “Faint” from Urban Decay’s Naked Basics in the crease and along my lower lashline. I then gently lifted my eyelid and applied Smashbox Always Sharp waterproof liner in Raven all along my waterline, pushing the soft pencil gently into my lashes.

Next, I used Revlon Color Stay liquid liner in “Blackest Black” on top of my lashline to fill in spaces between my lashes. I did have to use a few Q-tips dipped in oil-free eye makeup remover to clean up smudges, as this process can get a bit messy. The final step was “white-lining.” I took Revlon’s PhotoReady Kajal Intense eyeliner & brightener and used the white pencil to line my lower rims. I added a tiny bit of Clinique High Impact mascara to my lower lashes, and voila! The contrast between the dark black liner with the pop of white really makes my green eyes stand out.

Of course, this is probably not an every day look for me, as the whole process took a bit longer than my usual routine. But perhaps with practice, I could become more comfortable and improve my tightlining/whitelining skills.

What do you think? Are you a tightliner?


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