Beauty Trend | Red Lipstick

I NEVER wear red lipstick. And this would certainly not be a “trend I’m trying” had my good friend Andrea Michelle from the style blog Fox-In-Flats not made this her “Red Lipstick Dare” week. I am always game for one of her challenges, but now I am now facing a serious out-of-my-comfort-zone issue.

My lips are huge. Kids made fun of me in grammar and middle school for having such big lips…”who’s your Daddy? Mick Jagger?” As an adult, I now consider them one of my best assets. People pay big money to get their lips plumped up to look as full as mine are naturally (thanks Mom & Dad!)

The fact that my lips are so big is why I never wear red lipstick. I feel like the statement I’m making to the world when I wear red lipstick is, “hey baby, you lookin’ for a date?” I’m also fair skinned with red hair, so there’s a definite Ronald McDonald aspect to the scenario.

But dammit, since I love Andrea and Fox-in-Flats so much, and since I’m always encouraging my readers to step outside of their fashion comfort zone, I’m wearing red lipstick – every single day this week!

I only own one tube of red. It’s ModelCo Party Proof Matte Lipstick in Red Velvet. It was given to me by my Mom because she said it “wasn’t her color.” (See? Fear of red lipstick runs in my family.)

The response I’ve gotten from people has been surprising. Everyone seems to think it looks good on me, except me. Maybe after a week of commitment to red lips, I’ll get over my insecurity. Given the fact that red lips were all over the Fall  runways, I can at least say that I am definitely “on trend.”

How do you feel about red lipstick?


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