Mother Plucker! How to Get the Perfect Brow

photo-2Hello. My name is Sydney, and I’m an “over-plucker.”

It all started back in the 90’s when I was trying to achieve that super-fine eyebrow arch popularized by Pamela Anderson during her Baywatch days. I’m not quite sure if I’m more distraught by the damage I did to my once-full eyebrows or the fact that I just admitted I watched Baywatch.

Years later, I’m still struggling with sparse, uneven brows. However, I recently discovered these fabulous eyebrow stencils from Anastasia of Beverly Hills and my brows are now on the road to a perfect recovery.

The set contains 5 different templates: slim, petitie, medium, high and full arch. You simply select the one that best matches your current brow, which for me, is the medium arch.

Then you place the stencil along your brow line, lining up the guide marks to the inside corner, high arch point and end of your brows.

You can use a brow powder or eyebrow pencil to fill in the stencil, whichever you prefer. I use Maybelline’s Expert Eyes eyebrow pencil in Dark Brown. First I trace the outline of the brow, then I remove the stencil and draw light feathery strokes in the direction of my natural hair growth. I finish it off by blending with an eyebrow brush.

Once I’ve done both brows, I can then pluck anything that falls outside of my perfect brow line. To make sure my brows stay perfect and smudge free all day long, I set the look with a spritz of Urban Decay’s “All Nighter” makeup setting spray.

Voila! I am now a recovering over-plucker (and I haven’t watched an episode of Baywatch in at least ten years).


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