I wear this scarf in memory of my Aunt Peggy

photo-1 I consider myself very lucky to have had some extremely amazing women in my life who have influenced me and shaped the way I see the world. One of these women was my Aunt Peggy, who passed away a few years ago from lung cancer.

Growing up, I was always extremely close to my aunt. She babysat me while my mother worked. When I was in high school, whenever I would get into trouble, it was my Aunt Peggy I would call before calling my parents. I could even talk her into coming and “checking me out” when I wanted to get out of school for something.

One of my favorite memories that I will always cherish of my Aunt Peggy is the way we used to play “you got the last lick.” We did this from the time I was a child up until a few months before her death. Even after going through chemo, she still had the energy to chase me around the house and give me the last lick. She always won.

When she died, I was devastated. It’s hard to grasp the fact that a horrible disease could take away such an amazing life in such a short amount of time. Cancer sucks.


My Aunt Peggy holding me as my grandmother looks on.

So I’m wearing this scarf in honor of Aunt Peggy as part of Harper’s Bazaar and Chico’s “Unleash Your Leopard Scarf to Stand Up to Cancer” campaign. Chico’s is donating $10 from the sale of each scarf to Stand Up to Cancer, which is saving lives every day by funding research for innovative cancer therapies.

If you want to wear the scarf in honor of someone you may have lost to cancer, you can purchase it on the Chico’s site. It’s only $25 and it’s gorgeous! Very light-weight and super long! (As you can tell from the picture.) Trust me, you’ll want to wrap up in this scarf all fall season long.

Every time I put it on, I like to think I’m wrapping myself up in my aunt’s arms. Just like I am in the photo.

P.S. Aunt Peggy, until we meet again, you definitely got the last lick. I love you.


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