Manic Cure Monday (with Mom)

photo-15This week I’m in Birmingham visiting my Mom, so she’s making a guest appearance in today’s Manic Cure Monday post. (Well, her hand is anyway.)

I painted Mom’s nails with a bright pink color she chose called “Rock Me Baby” by Sally Hansen Hard as Nails. How fitting, because my Mom definitely rocks. She taught me everything I know about being a strong, independent and resilient woman.

For my own nails, I tried Kiss Gradation in “Film Noir” – an easy 3 step process that creates an ombre effect.

Aside from saving money by doing the manicures ourselves, it was great to just be able to spend this time with Mom. I was reminded of being a little girl and asking her to paint my nails. Now the roles are reversed, and I’m honored and blessed to be her “beautician.”

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 4.23.04 PM

Kiss Nail Polish Kit ($6.97)


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