Manic Cure Monday: I’m Back to Stripping

photo-4Because I’m traveling this week, I needed a manicure with a bit of staying power. And because I’m giving my nails a break from gel for a while, I decided to try the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips again. (I had previously tried the “Laced Up” style back in December.)

I was thrilled to discover that there are so many new choices in design when it comes to the nail polish strips. This look is called “Lust-Rous” and features gold flecks on top of a black base coat.

I cannot stress enough how easy these strips are to use. It took me less time to apply this manicure than it did to remove my old nail polish. I purchased another box of the same design to take with me on my trip to Birmingham. That way, if I break a nail, all I have to do is reach into my bag and apply a new strip! No need to carry liquid nail  polish on the plane, which inevitably will leak no matter how tight you think you’ve screwed the cap back on.

Have you tried nail strips before? If so, why not post a photo on the Stylaphile Facebook page and share your look with others? Come on, I can’t be the only one who confesses to being a ‘stripper.”

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2 thoughts on “Manic Cure Monday: I’m Back to Stripping

  1. You will love them, Sam! They are so easy to use and they last about 10 days! Let me know which style you try. Feel free to post a pic of your manicure on the Stylaphile Facebook page, too!


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