Stylaphile DIY: Creating your own wallpaper

photoI have a home office in my basement that’s been under construction for quite some time. It’s the perfect size room for the Stylaphile “headquarters” so to speak, but I’ve been wrestling with what to do with a certain wall. I call it the “bad wall” because it is what was left when the seriously dated paneling was removed. (My house was built in the 70’s…there’s actually an 8-track player embedded in the side of my fireplace.)

My manfriend wants to install completely new sheetrock in the whole basement area, but that project is in his 3 – 5 year plan, which is way too long for me to have to tolerate the bad wall.

I started thinking of creative and inexpensive ways to cover the wall as a temporary fix. I found lots of inspiration just by Googling “how to cover a bad wall,” including a very clever “Post-It Notes” idea.

The more I thought about it and the more I looked around my house for items to recycle, I happened to trip over a (very large) stack of fashion magazines. Bingo! I knew exactly what to do to turn that ugly wall into a fashionable work of art.

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The result is the look you see here, achieved with magazine covers and ads applied with wallpaper paste and finished with a topcoat of clear gloss paint. Not only does the wall look amazing, but it serves as a constant source of inspiration in my new office – the place where I get to do what I love, which is write about fashion for you here on Stylaphile.

So, what do you think of my new inspiration wall?


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