Mani Cure Monday: Ciaté Cream Soda

photo-1I love the ingenious creativity of the folks over at Ciaté. Creative Director & celebrity nail artist Charlotte Knight is the mastermind behind the caviar, velvet, and sugar do-it-yourself manicures.

Did you know that Ciaté (pronounced “see-are-teh”) stands for:

C olor

I nnovation

A spiration

T rend

E xtraordinary?

I’ve tried both the caviar and the velvet kits. Although they turned out beautifully, these types of manicures are really more suited for a special occasion or girls’ night out because they tend to only last one day.

I do use the paint pots that come along with these kits on a more regular basis, and as you can see from the photo above, the color is quite luscious. This light grey is called Cream Soda and comes with the Velvet Manicure Mink Cashmere Wow Kit. Also, I wear black nail polish a lot, and Ghetto Fabulous, which is included in the Black Pearls Caviar Manicure Wow Kit, is one of my go-to shades.

The main reason I’m so addicted to Ciaté products is because they inspire me to be creative – not just with my nails, but with fashion (and life) in general. Plus the process is just fun. And we can all use a little more fun in our daily routines.

Have you tried any of the Ciaté Wow Kits? What are your favorites?

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