Are bobbleheads the new supermodels?

Snooki-BobbleheadAfter dissecting the July issues of all the fashion magazines, I started to notice a disturbing trend. Apparently, bobblehead dolls are replacing supermodels.

I’m not sure if this trend is caused by weird photoshopping, strange camera angles, or (most likely) extremely thin models whose bodies appear to be seriously out of proportion to their heads.

My visceral reaction upon seeing some of these shots was disgust. I couldn’t tell you what the model was wearing because I was too appalled at the image to pay attention to the clothing. That’s a massive fail in my opinion. The whole purpose of a fashion magazine is to showcase fashion, not anorexia.

One of the most disturbing photos was of Miley Cyrus looking skeletal in Vogue while being hailed as the newest “It Girl.” Is Vogue aware of the whole Twitter subculture of young girls who post photos of themselves with the hashtag #anorexia showing their rib bones and stating things like “just a few more pounds?” It’s disgusting and it’s sad. It needs to stop.


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