Manic Cure Monday – Caviar For Your Cuticles?

photo-7Yes, it’s yet another attempt to make my gel manicure last longer.

I’m a huge fan of the Ciaté nail polish brand, with its caviar pearl, velvet and now sequin manicure kits (may have to try that one next!) I’ve done the full on caviar manicure on my nails before, but this time, I just added the pearls to my cuticle growth area.

Here’s how I did it:

1. First, I soaked my nails and pushed my cuticles back.

2. Then, one nail at a time, I carefully applied the Ciaté nail polish in Ghetto Fabulous just to the new growth area and immediately sprinkled the caviar pearls on top.

3. Using an orange stick, I gently pressed down on the caviar pearls until they were flattened and smooth and cleaned up the excess.

Voila! I’ve (almost) instantly extended the life of my gel manicure. Now, the question is how long will this extension last. As much as I love the caviar manicure, in my past experience, the full on manicure only lasted about a day. I may find myself running to the nail salon for another gel manicure tomorrow. Or perhaps I’ll head to Sephora and pick up the Ciaté Sequined manicure kit!

P.S. Here’s the REALLY STUPID thing I also did. Because I’m now in the habit of painting the underside of my nails (check out my Louboutin manicure), I thought it would be fun to try this with the caviar pearls. BIG mistake! HUGE! Don’t ever do this unless you want to be picking tiny little pearls out of your eyes, your hair and, as in my case now – your laptop keyboard.


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