How I Handled A Month’s Worth of Daily Style Challenges


Fox-In-Flats’ DAREcember – She “double-dog” dared me!

One of my favorite bloggers on the planet is Andrea Zanetich of “Fox In Flats” – a fantastic site for “navigating motherhood in style.” I don’t even have children, but that doesn’t stop me from being a huge fan of her site (and her style…she’s gorgeous, flawless and so much fun!)

Andrea is known for tossing out “style dares” to her followers. When she threw down the gauntlet for #DAREcember – the mother of all dares – I was all in. DAREcember presented a different style challenge for each day of the month…a culmination of all her previous dares.

A few of the dares were particularly challenging for me  – I suck at braiding and pigtails were a bit difficult after I cut all my hair off for Day 17’s “new hairstyle” challenge. But oh what fun it was to try all of the 31 days of DAREcember. Here’s the scoop on how I handled a month’s worth of style dares!


 Day 1: Hot Pink LipstickDay #1: Hot Pink Lipstick
 I usually try to stay away from bright lipsticks as my lips are absolutely huge and I like to avoid looking like a clown and/or streetwalker.
However, this lightly frosted pink shade from Estee Lauder actually works well with my skin tone and the color complements rather than overpowering the rest of my makeup.

Estee Lauder Pure Color Lipstick in #61 – Pink Parfait



Day 2: DenimDay #2: Denim

This amazing denim skirt is one of my most treasured consignment store finds. (See the original blog post about this particular thrift store score here.) It’s an A-line skirt with faux leather inserts and a built-in wide faux leather belt.

Denim skirt by Solo Paris found at Classic Reruns Consignment Shop in Pine Bush, NY.
Line-Divider Day 3: ScarvesDay #3: Scarves

Although I own a TON of scarves, I don’t actually wear them that often. So Day 3’s style challenge was a welcome opportunity to go through my scarf collection and build an outfit based on my selection.

Scarf (and necklace) by New York & Company

Express dress

Marc by Marc Jacobs watch



Day 4: On Your Head

Day #4: On your head

Day 4’s style challenge was to wear something on your head (other than a hat). I’ve had this gold headband for about four years and I still wear it often! It’s perfect for bad hair days. All I had to do to achieve this look was straighten my hair with a flat iron, tease the hell out of the crown, then smooth it back and add the headband. Instant glamour.

Headband by New York & Company (no longer available, but see similar items here.)

Day #Day 5: Brooch5: Brooch

Just like scarves, I have several brooches and pins that I really don’t wear that often. I made this particular half moon brooch into a necklace by attaching it to a black silk cord and pairing it with my “Couture Will Set You Free” charm pendant.

Vintage brooch

Juicy Couture pendant



Day 6: Boots

Day #6: Boots

This one was easy! I’m a boots girl!

Boots by Nine West

Skirt by New York & Company

Macy’s Charter Club cashmere sweater




Day 7: Dress

Day #7. Dress

Day 7 was also a breeze for me, as dresses make up the majority of my wardrobe. I don’t wear a lot of pants because I have short legs and it’s difficult to find the right fit and proportion. Plus, a dress is so easy to just throw on and go! This off-white dress was yet another consignment store find. I also got the same dress in navy blue and both were brand new with the tags still attached! I cannot say enough positive things about thrift stores and consignment shops. They can truly be a fashionista’s best friend!

Dress by MetroStyle


Day 8: Necklace Stack

Day #8. Necklace stack

I’m a big fan of the multiple necklace trend, and Day 8 was the perfect opportunity for me to wear two by one of my favorite jewelry designers, Kenneth Jay Lane. (And that’s a FAKE fur vest I’m wearing. I would never, ever wear real fur under any circumstances.)

Owl and horn necklaces by Kenneth Jay Lane




Day 9: Braid

Day #9. Braid

Okay, I totally suck at hair braiding. I’ve watched tutorials and had hands on advice from people who are really good at it, but it’s just not something that I can do. Plus, my hair is very fine (and layered), so I never score very well on braid dares. The best I can do is a single braid that I camouflage with a hat, as I’ve done here.

Knit hat purchased from a street vendor in NYC

Proenza Schouler for Target sweatshirt


Day 10: Red Nail Polish

Day #10. Red nail polish

If you keep up with my regular “Manic Cure Mondays” blog posts, you know that I like to switch up my manicure every week. It just so happened that Day 10 of DAREcember fell on a Monday, so I was able to incorporate this challenge with my regular posting schedule.

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Color in #160 – Cherry Red



Day 11: Vintage

Day #11. Vintage

Day 11’s challenge was to wear something vintage. These sunglasses were actually a costume prop that I wore in an Off-Broadway play a few years ago. I’m not sure if they’re actually from the 1950’s, but they certainly fit the “vintage” look.

Vintage sunglasses (here are some similar styles)




Day 12: Animal Print

 Day #12. Animal print

Another easy challenge for me. If you can’t tell from the leopard print rug in my dressing room, I’m a huge fan of anything animal print. (I’m currently writing this post in my leopard print pajamas!)

Leopard print scarf by New York &  Company



Day 13: All Black

Day #13. All black

Ditto #12 – easy challenge. The majority of my closet is black. It’s my favorite color and I live in New York, which is known for being a place where the majority of New Yorkers wear black.

Leggings and cardigan by New York & Company

Studded belt by Target



Day 14: Curls

Day #14: Curls

Okay, more like “waves.” This was a difficult challenge for me. My hair refuses to hold any type of curl. I spent hours with a curling iron (different sizes) trying to create a nice look, but only ended up damaging my hair pretty bad. (Which led to me chopping it all off on Day 17’s challenge: New Hairstyle.)

White satin rope necklace by Target




Day #15: Arm party

Similar to the “necklace stack” trend, I love to add a statement bracelet or bangle to go along with my watch each day. However, I try to pick one or the other. If I’m doing a necklace stack, I skip the arm party and vice versa. Too much of a good thing is not always a good thing.

Marc by Marc Jacobs watch

Zipper cuff purchased from NYC street vendor



 Day #16: Stripes

Remember what I said earlier about loving animal prints? I’ve never met a tiger, zebra, leopard or giraffe print I didn’t love. How cute is this faux leather hobo bag in zebra stripes?

Zebra hobo bag by New York & Company






 Day #17: A new hairstyle

I have to admit this was my favorite dare of the month. I had been trying to grow out my hair for a long time, but the fact that I color my hair and flat-iron it almost daily meant that it was in pretty bad shape. So I opted for a chic bob inspired by that awesome haircut Katie Holmes had a few years ago. I love it and it’s so easy to take care of. Plus, it’s a new look for a new year!





Day #18: Patterned

Well, it’s not a MAJOR pattern, but I love the slimming silhouette of the color blocking in this dress.

Dress by Narciso Rodriquez for Kohl’s






Day #19: Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Day 19’s challenge was to channel Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” While my black dress with the pearl encrusted collar captures the Holly Golightly style, I realized that from the neck up, I seem to be channeling Anna Wintour. Two style icons covered in one DAREcember day!

Dress by Newport News/Spiegel

Sunglasses by New York & Company


darecember_day20Day #20: Rings, rings, rings

I am not really a fine jewelry girl. I love costume jewelry because I tend to be really bad at losing things. So I have a lot of really big statement rings that I wear all the time. These two rings looked great together because they’re in the same color scheme and style and match my OPI glitter nail polish.

Lizard ring purchased from NYC street vendor

Target circle ring


darecember_day21Day #21: Lace

This particular dare made me realize that I don’t actually own a lot of clothing articles that contain lace. What I do own, however, is this gorgeous lace skirt that was one of the most amazing finds I ever scored at Filene’s Basement on 79th & Broadway (RIP Filene’s – I miss you!)

Skirt by Emma Black




darecember_day22Day #22: Black eyeliner

I’m with Kate Hudson, who stated that she wears black eyeliner every day or her eyes disappear. So this was another challenge for me that was a no-brainer.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Perversion





darecember_day23Day #23: Colours

Day 23 was one of my favorite challenges, and certainly my most beautiful Instagram shot. I paired these gorgeous purple elbow length gloves with my printed wrap dress for a burst of color.

Portolano gloves at Neiman Marcus

Dress by Lily Pulitzer



darecember_day24Day #24: Your favorite

This is actually my favorite new faux fur jacket. I am totally into faux fur fuzzy things right now. Because I love animals so much, I’ve tended to steer clear of anything that looked like fur. But now there are so many faux fur options that I’m wearing them in an attempt to tell everyone, “Hey, this is faux, isn’t it fabulous?” Hopefully this will help people start to realize that there is no need to kill innocent animals when the same look can be produced with other manmade fabric options.

Faux fur jacket by G.E.T. at Neiman Marcus (no longer available, but here’s a Rachel Zoe alternative!)


darecember_day25Day #25: Red lipstick

Another lipstick color that I don’t wear often (or at all). This is actually more of a burgundy shade, but it was the closest I could get since I don’t own red lipstick. I’m too afraid of looking like Ronald McDonald with my big mouth!

Elizabeth Arden Exceptional Lipstick in Autumn




darecember_day26Day #26: Something new

I suppose the day after Christmas is the best day to showcase something new. And since it snowed in New York on Christmas Day, throwing on my new winter white UGG scarf seemed the perfect fit for DAREcember Day 26.

UGG scarf




darecember_day27Day #27: White

Too bad I couldn’t have combined yesterday’s challenge with today, since my white UGG scarf would have been perfect for both days. Instead, today’s challenge gave me an excuse to pull out this crisp white structured handbag to carry on a chilly December day.

This purse was another one of those fabulous NYC street vendor finds, but here’s a link to some similar styles.




darecember_Day28Day #28: Pigtails

This was the one dare that I just couldn’t do. After cutting my hair short for Day 17, any attempt at pigtails would have left me looking either like Alfalfa from the Little Rascals or Cameron Diaz in Something About Mary.




 Day #darecember_day2929: Flowers

There’s a story behind this lovely satin tote by Love Moschino. Earlier in the year, I attended a fund raiser for my best friend’s non-profit organization, The Literacy Council in Birmingham. There was a raffle held for various donated items, but I bought 25 tickets and placed every one of them in the drawing for this bag. And I won. Eight months later, it’s the perfect item for the day 29 floral dare. Bag by Love Moschino.Line-Dividerdarecember_day30Day #30: Hat

Are you starting to see what I mean about me and animal prints? I actually have several leopard print hats. This bucket style just happens to be one of them. Since all of my winter coats tend to be solid black, my animal print accessories tend to dress them up a bit. Plus, living in New York during the winter, a good warm hat collection is a must!

This particular hat was another one of my street finds. Check out more leopard print hats at


darecember_day31Day #31: Sparkles!

What better way for a girl who had an entire guest room converted into her “shoe closet” to spend New Year’s Eve than with a pair of sparkly stilettos? And what better way to end a most fabulous month of style dares than with a little celebration and Cinderella slippers?

Glitter pumps by Schultz

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