What I’ve Been Wearing

Instagrams of various outfits. If you have any questions about a particular outfit or designer, please comment below and I will respond with the details!

photo-79   photo-81photo-87     photo-84photo-85     photo-88StylaphileWhatIWore12     StylaphileWhatIWore10StylaphileWhatIWore4     StylaphileWhatIWore1     StylaphileWhatIWore2      StylaphileWhatIWore3 StylaphileWhatIWore6      StylaphileWhatIWore7 StylaphileWhatIWore8      StylaphileWhatIWore9       StylaphileWhatIWore11     StylaphileWhatIWore14      StylaphileWhatIWore15 StylaphileWhatIWore16     StylaphileWhatIWore17     StylaphileWhatIWore18

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