Changing the World: Mary Sterk of Just Mary Designs

One of my favorite prints from Just Mary Designs.

Step Boldly Towards Your Future 

One of the greatest benefits to writing this style blog is the fact that I get to meet and connect with some absolutely fabulous people who just happen to stumble upon my site.

I received a lovely email from Mary Sterk of Just Mary Designs stating how much she loved the message of Stylaphile – real women, real bodies, real budgets. When I visited Mary’s site, I quickly realized that we were kindred spirits. Mary is an artist with a very special message: The Body Fab-YOU-lous line is dedicated to helping women find peace and end their struggle with weight loss and body image challenges.

Framed in leopard print to match my dressing room.

As soon as I saw the print above entitled “Step Boldly Towards Your Future,” I purchased it. It now hangs proudly in my dressing room and it’s the last thing I look at before I head out for the day. It’s a daily reminder for me to step boldly into my future.

There are several more prints that I plan on ordering from Mary’s site (You Are Not the Number on the Scale is next!). The fact that Mary has taken this positive message for women and incorporated it into beautiful and affordable works of art inspires me to continue to use my art (writing) to encourage more women to step boldly towards their future. Because the time IS now.

Check out my guest blog post on Just Mary Designs – I wrote about my own battle with an eating disorder when I was in high school and how one insensitive comment from one man changed my life forever.


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