August Obsessions

1. Perfect manicures & pedicures

After years of gel manicures, it was time to give my nails a break. Gel manicures are fabulous, no doubt.  They last forever without chipping or smudging, but they can also do some major damage to your nails. This month, I am determined to perfect the art of the manicure. It is an art, actually – filing the perfect shape and perfect length, getting rid of those pesky little cuticles and applying the polish without having any air bubbles pop up. I’m getting better at it (check out my weekly “Manic Cure Monday” posts) and now I have the opportunity to try all of the fabulous new colors.

2. Romance

My manfriend and I met on the Upper West Side of Manhattan back in 2001. Five years later, we bought our dream house in the Hudson Valley. We’re still close enough to the city that I go there at least once a week to shop and hang out with my girlfriends, but when I saw this photo of a couple kissing on Broadway, it reminded me how much I miss our “date nights” in the city. We would just pick an area of town and spend the evening exploring the neighborhood. Because manfriend was a DJ “back in the day,” he’d usually run into someone he knew who would take us to the next “it” spot. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my dream house (my current shoe closet is bigger than our Harlem apartment was). But I also love the city. So this month, I am challenging manfriend to more date nights in the concrete jungle where dreams are made of.

3. Bangs

This is one of the fall trends that I’m very excited about. I love the versatility and the drama of bangs. When I first get my hair cut, my bangs look perfect. My hairstylist knows how to tame my ridiculous cowlick much better than me. However, a day or two after my appointment, my bangs are usually driving me crazy and I revert to my standard ponytail with my bangs and the rest of my hair slicked back. This month I’m inspired to make friends with my cowlick and rock some of these bangin’ styles.

4. The Barre

Like most girls, I took ballet as a kid and as a teenager. I loved it, but was never that great at it. Now the ballet barre workouts are all the rage. Since we are in the process of remodeling our gym in the basement, I am going to ask manfriend to install a ballet barre in the new space. Then I can order the New York City Ballet workout DVD and literally hang out at the barre.

5. Coconut Lime Verbena

I have been obsessed with this scent from Bath & Body Works since it first came out. It always reminds me of the beach. Since this is the last month of summer, I am determined to get in every last bit of sunshine, sundresses, sandals and poolside margaritas than I can. I just recently purchased the shower gel, body scrub and body cream, but now I’m thinking of going back to get a few of the candles so that my whole house will smell like summer until that sad, sad day when it’s time to close the pool. The only upside of pool closing day is that it means it’s time to go fall boot shopping. And when I slip on that first new pair of fall boots, I’m ready to welcome the new season with open arms.

What are your August obsessions?

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