3 “Real” Beautiful Women Worthy of a Magazine Cover

When I use the term “real women” I am referring to women who are not supermodels or celebrities. Yes, I know that models and actresses are real women too, but they have at their disposal the best hair and makeup artists in the fashion industry, not to mention personal stylists and the added benefit of having their photos airbrushed to perfection.

Real women are their own stylist, their own makeup artist and their own hairdresser. In my opinion, the following three “real” ladies could give any current “It Girl” a run for their money when it comes to style. I have to admit that these three women are also my favorite style bloggers. I have learned so much from each of them and every single time I visit their blogs, I feel inspired.

So here are the real women who get my vote for America’s Next “Real Woman” Model:

Cara Gray

Cara is a cross between Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. Her blog Uptown Twirl is better organized than any fashion magazine website and it’s just plain pretty to look at, as is she.

Not only is Cara talented enough to be an editor-in-chief of any magazine, but she could illustrate it as well. Check out www.CaraGray.com to see a gallery of her fashion illustrations. I plan to forego a few shoe purchases in the future to have the privilege of hanging one of her originals in my dressing room.

You can follow Cara on Twitter (@UptownTwirl) or Facebook. And you should! She’s one of the nicest people in the blogosphere.

Andrea Zanetich

Fox-in-Flats is a blog dedicated to “navigating motherhood in style.” However, I don’t have children and still visit Andrea’s blog site almost daily. The reason? She challenges me. Literally.

Every few weeks, Andrea throws out a “style dare” to her followers. Some of the dares I’ve participated in include the Blackout Dare (wear all black for one week), the 7-Day Boot Dare, and the one I’m currently participating in – The Braid Dare. I love the way Andrea “nudges” her followers out of their comfort zone and encourages us to try new styles. (None of us want to be called “chicken.”)

How Andrea manages to be a mother, write her blog and still manage to look gorgeous in every photo is beyond me. If you want to steal some of her secrets, follow her on Twitter (@FoxInFlats) or Facebook.

Briony Whitehouse
A Girl, A Style

If you’ve ever seen one of Briony’s Instagrams, you will understand why I sometimes live vicariously through her. An Australian living in England, Briony is a senior political and policy advisor at Westminster by day and an extremely popular fashion blogger by night. She is, in fact, a superhero.

Briony is so popular that she was recently featured in Jimmy Choo’s 24:7 Stylemakers (check out her photos on the Jimmy Choo Facebook page here.) Not only does she take the most beautiful Instagram photos I’ve ever seen, she just happens to be a fantastic writer as well. She’s a fashion fairy-teller.

You can follow Briony on Facebook and Twitter (@AGirlAStyle).

So, to the editors-in-chief of the fashion magazines – before you feature yet another “reality” star on the cover, why not consider one of these ladies? Because in the “real” world, they’re the fashion stars.

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