Thrift Addict

I’m a thrift store junkie. I’m not ashamed to admit that about half of my designer wardrobe comes from second-hand and consignment shops. For me, a trip to the thrift store is a treasure hunt. I love perusing each rack in anticipation of the big “score.”

Here’s what I picked up on my latest expedition last week:
    1. Christian Dior Rasta Bowler Bag
    2. Nine West black patent Pumps
    3.  2 pairs of dark denim boot-cut jeans
    4. An amazing denim A-line skirt
    5. Color-block shift dress
If you’re new to thrift store shopping, be prepared to try everything on. I can usually just look at a garment and know immediately if it will fit me or not, although it’s a little tougher when it comes to jeans. I always look for dark denim boot cut styles because they look best on my body type.
Remember that certain types of designer jeans are cut differently, so don’t assume that you only wear one size. My jeans can range anywhere from a size 4 to an 8 depending on the style. The ones I’m wearing in the photo didn’t have a tag, so I don’t know the brand. I’ve styled them with the Nine West pumps I found at the same thrift shop and a ruffle tank from New York &  Company.
The denim skirt is by Solo Paris and it has the most interesting faux leather insert. It’s the perfect length hitting right below the knee. Like boot cut jeans, the A-line of the skirt helps to balance out my hips.
I paired the skirt with a simple white tank top from Macy’s and Chinese Laundry mesh ankle boots. I can’t remember where the wood discs necklace came from, but it adds a nice contrast to the outfit.
If I wanted to dress the look up a bit, I would simply throw on a black jacket. However, I really like the casual 70’s hippie vibe of this outfit with just the tank.


My favorite find (aside from the Dior bag, of course) was this vintage 80’s Pellini color-block dress. It’s such a great item to just be able to throw on and go. The only accessories I added to this look were gold leopard print drop earrings and tan L.A.M.B. lace-up Darek stilettos.(The Fendi bag pictured hanging next to the mirror was also a consignment store find from a few years ago.)

In total, I spent less than $200 on all my finds on this last outing. I know some people have a phobia of thrift stores and wearing other people’s used clothing, but once you get the items dry-cleaned and tailored, if necessary, they’re practically brand new. Or at least, brand new to you.
Happy Shopping!
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