The Role of the Photoshopper

Do you ever wonder why fashion magazines don’t list the name of the person who photoshopped the cover photo in the same place they list the photographer, makeup artist and stylist? Shouldn’t the photoshopper be considered an artist as well? I mean, they are all working together to create “art” for the cover, right?

Personally, I would love to see an editorial section in all fashion magazines that details how they obtained the cover look, including a before photoshop and after photoshop comparison. I understand that covers help to sell magazines, but most of the models or actresses are already extremely attractive. Plus, they have the best makeup artists and hair stylists in the business to make them look even more attractive. Why isn’t this good enough?

I’ll admit that I’m one of those people who only post the “good” photos of myself on Facebook and Twitter. We all like to look our best. But the sad fact is that no matter how much we spend on the “best” makeup or hair product, we’re never going to look like the model in the ad because she’s not “real.” That’s the result of these impossible standards of beauty that are promoted by over-airbrushing.

So come on fashion mags…we all know you do it. Just admit it and give credit where credit is due. The photoshopper is just as important as the photographer. That’s my opinion.

What yours?

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3 thoughts on “The Role of the Photoshopper

  1. I totally agree and I dislike the way such work attracts people to oggle, expect and want more from women to the point where they’re never content and looking elsewhere other than their partners.

    The second picture does look fantastic and extremely high quality because of the clarity and definition but seriously – the amount of work is unnecessary. Like you implied – she’s photogenic anyway, the first pic is gorgeous and just needed a little sharpening. The strange thing is though, the first one doesn’t look like her whereas the second one has her face exactly, and the angle of both faces is different. Perhaps that’s the effect of the image editing but anyway, changing the skin colour, making the hair look like it’s been styled differently because of the high sheen and wet look they added to it (making the hair stylist’s work somewhat redundant) and making her even thinner is not necessary.


  2. I just wish there were no photoshoped pictures in magazines. It encourages women to try and obtain ridiculously high standards of beauty. I bet if photoshop wasn’t used so much there would be a lot less work for plastic surgeons.


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