Yeah, I’m Easy

I love any type of beauty product or service that makes my daily “getting ready” routine a bit easier. While I enjoy spending hours getting all glammed up for a night on the town, I prefer my regular day-to-day process be as quick and easy as possible.

Here are three things that I’ve added to my beauty routine over the last few years. I would guesstimate that these procedures save me an average of 30 minutes each day. Do the math. That’s a lot of time saved!

1. Eyelash extensions from Wink

I’m not wearing any mascara in the photo to the left. In fact, I haven’t worn mascara in over 3 years. Every two weeks, I escape to Wink Eyelash Extension NY and for one hour, I lay there while a skilled lash artist applies individual extensions to each one of my lashes. The effect is quite dramatic (I get the “Hollywood” set) and they last through swimming, showering, crying and sweaty workouts without any smearing or running like traditional mascara. The entire process is so relaxing that I usually fall asleep. Added bonus: they will also do a manicure for you while you are having your “lashing” done…which leads me to Item #2.


2. OPI gel manicuresOPI gel manicure in "Onyx"

Gel manicures last almost three times as long as regular manicures without any fading or chipping.

The process takes a little longer because you have to dry your nails after each application under the UV light, but given the fact that your manicure will stay perfect and shiny for about three weeks, it’s worth the extra time.

My signature color has been OPI’s “Black Onyx” for several years. It goes with everything and, like my lashes, is quite dramatic.


3. Liquid Keratin hair treatment

My hair is naturally wavy, but I want it to be stick straight. Since my genetics haven’t caught up with my desire, I use the Liquid Keratin at home treatment once a month. It’s safe, effective and it makes my hair absolutely perfect. I still have to blow dry and flat iron a bit, but what used to take me about 15 minutes now takes me about five. And if I add weekly treatments of my favorite conditioner, Kerastase Masque Nutri-Thermique, you can’t even tell that back in the 80’s I bleached AND permed my hair. (It was a Southern thing. And it was the 80’s.)


So there you go. Three little procedures that can help make your daily beauty routine easy like Sunday morning. Do you have any beauty routines or time-saving tips that make your life a little easier? If so, please share.

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