Coming Out of the Closet

Last week I took a “dare” by one of my Twitter blogger buddies (@foxinflats – she’s fabulous, follow her) to show the world, or at least her followers, the inside of my closet.

As you can tell from the photo on the left, I am quite anal when it comes to closet organization. When I was a kid, my parents would always marvel at how my room could be such a mess, but my closet was always immaculate. I guess I was born with a desire for complete organization when it comes to my wardrobe.

When I bought a home in the Hudson Valley, one of the biggest thrills for me was that I would finally have the space to build my “dream closet.” I took one of the guest rooms and transformed it into a full dressing room, with lots of shelving to display my vast collection of shoes. Sometimes I just sit in a chair and stare at them. It makes me happy.

Although I have spent a ton of money on shoes in my lifetime, I really didn’t have to spend that much to build out my dream closet.


Here’s how I pulled the entire room together on a small budget:



The shelving for my shoe collection was already installed in a media room in the basement. I wasn’t using it down there, so I took it out, painted it, and re-installed it in my dressing room. Completely recycled. The room size leopard print rug is from Domestications and was a steal at $129.99!



The gorgeous dresser and mirror were purchased at a second hand furniture store for $160 if you can believe that! It’s in perfect condition and has plenty of storage space. I have two IKEA bookcases that I use to store items that need to be folded (jeans, sweaters, my collection of Juicy Couture velour track pants). I also purchased the stainless steel rod that I store my necklaces on at IKEA. It’s a great way to be able to see the different lengths and styles.



The oh-so-cute black & white rolling cart was purchased from The Container Store. I have two of them and I use them to store lingerie. I also purchased drawer dividers from The Container Store to keep everything nice and neat, especially my makeup drawer and my bracelets and earrings. I like having everything completely visible.



The one thing I refuse to go cheap on is hangers. I turn into Joan Crawford when it comes to wire (or plastic) hangers. Quality wood hangers are the key to making a closet look organized. And they’re better for your clothes. Wire hangers make your clothes sad. As you can see, I even hang some of my purses on wood hangers. Again, I like to have everything visible, and this is a great way to sort through your bags without messing up the order.

And yes, in addition to shoes, I also have a purse fetish. But that’s a whole ‘nother Stylaphile story.

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