Me? Sexist? No Way! Men Can Be Stylish Too

I have recently been accused of being a bit sexist in my blogging. A few of my guy friends (gay and straight) have asked me why I never include the men in any of my Stylaphile posts. My immediate response is that I didn’t think any men actually read my blog. The significant other even admitted to me that he does not, but said he might if I would throw in something about tools. (Yes, there’s an obvious joke I could make here about him being a tool for not reading my blog, but I won’t go there.)

So, thanks to my “manfriends” (I stole that term from the first Sex & The City movie) and the appearance of a particular “man hat” in the land of Twitterville today, I am starting a new regular blog topic entitled “ManStyle.” I promise to try not to refer to any man style as “fabulous” or “cute,” as those words have caused said significant other to immediately bolt and change whatever he was wearing at the time.

One of my Twitter buddies and fellow Yankees fan Larry Milian, a.k.a. “The Amigo” (pictured right) was taking a lot of flack today on his sports radio program on 640 WFTL Sports in Miami for wearing a very stylish fedora. The “Armando & The Amigo” show was streaming live and he was fielding a lot of calls about his topper. I loved it. In my opinion, it just rocked. It takes confidence for a man to wear a hat, and women notice that. They also notice the man under the hat. One of the main things that women find most attractive in a man is confidence. So, Larry, to all the guys who were making fun of your hat, why not remind them that you are in good company? Here are some seriously sexy studs who rock the fedora look like nobody’s business:

(Clockwise from left)

1. Anthony Kiedis – the lead singer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers can do no wrong in my book. He’ll be sexy when he’s 80.

2. Johnny Depp – ’nuff said.

3. Terrence Howard – one of my favorite actors of all time.

4. Russell Martin – my favorite new Yankee. Apparently he’s a spokesperson for Armand Coltrane Blazers in addition to being a tank behind the plate. He does the fedora justice in this photo for Coltrane.

So Amigo, you just continue rocking your man hat. And the next time someone questions your style, mention the iconic fedora badass himself, Indiana Jones. Nobody will ever be able to top Harrison Ford. (There’s another obvious joke that my girlfriends would make here, but this time, I’m really not going there.)

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